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Interim Management

1. Why use interim management?Answer
Your operation will benefit from your ability to have the time you need to recruit the most qualified candidate or during a Management Leave of Absence. Interim Management helps to keep employee morale high, employee turnover low, and guest satisfaction climbing.
2. What is the normal project length or time frame?Answer
Our Interim Management projects last a minimum of 2 weeks. All of our projects are different therefore; the project time frame is dependent on the specific property needs.
3. How much does it cost?Answer
Generally the same cost as the position pays, factoring in benefits, plus travel, lodging, meal and laundry expenses.
4. What is the learning curve for the Interim Manager on a new contract?Answer
Our Interim Managers have worked in the hospitality industry for a minimum of 5 years. When an Interim Manager is placed in a contract, usually that Interim Manager is overqualified for the position. In our experience, it takes approximately 2 days to learn the individual property Standard Operating Procedures. Prior to the start date we ask our clients to provide a variety of information that facilitates the accelerated learning curve.

Project Management Support

1. What exactly would At Your Service Hospitality Management, LLC role be during the project?Answer
At Your Service Hospitality Management, LLC has extensive experience with Start Up support. Our normal role during project management is as the Owner's representative. Just as with all of our services, we can customize our role based on your needs.
2. Can At Your Service Hospitality Management, LLC provide architectural and facilities engineering services?Answer
We are not licensed to be architects or engineers; however we can evaluate operational flow and recommend modifications. We can also coordinate the project for the owner and work directly with the architects and engineers.
3. How much does it cost?Answer
We customize our programs and the respective costs to our clients' needs.
4. Do you have experience with ownership transitions?Answer
Yes, we have acted as part of the "Take Over" team and understand the sensitive environment.

Restaurant / Banquet Operations Assessment

1. How do you assess my property?Answer
We utilize a checklist geared toward your type of outlet or unit, with consideration to the requests for your specific needs.
2. How much does it cost?Answer
We customize our programs and the respective costs to our clients' needs.
3. Do you provide Mystery Shopping Services?Answer
Please contact us as this may be available in your local area.
4. How many people do you use during your assessments?Answer
One - three people based on the scope of the project.
5. How long does it take to assess my operation?Answer
Per unit: 2 days for evaluation, 1 - 2 days to generate a report based on the size and specific nature of your operation. Additional time may be required to provide a competitive analysis with the assessment.


1. What types of training does At Your Service offer?Answer
We provide seminars and hands - on training for a variety of subjects / departments. We can provide training with our own training programs or provide a facilitator to present your own training program.
2. What does At Your Service require prior to training?Answer
We usually ask for any specific policies that may be property specific, knowledge of your property Mobil/AAA rating, menus, outlets hours, schedules and other like information.
3. We have Part & Full-time staff, how do you coordinate the training?Answer
At Your Service will give you two weekday and two weekend, day or evening trainings to insure that scheduling obstacles can be overcome, however it is up to your Managers to set the schedule and enforce the attendance of the associates.
4. Do we (the facility) need to provide any tools for the seminars?Answer
Meeting Room, AV Requirements, Food & Beverage during the training, and small incentive prizes to give to your employees during the training.
5. What is the cost?Answer
We customize our programs and the respective costs to our clients' needs.

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