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Personalized Sales & Service Skills Training

  • Do you have an effective training program?
  • Is the training being enforced by managers?
  • Are you experiencing high turnover?
  • How many guest complaints about service do you receive a month? A year?

At Your Service Hospitality Management, LLC offers training for new and existing operations. We can create a personalized program based on your needs or can evaluate your existing training program, and incorporate proven service and sales techniques. The results become an effective and practical training program that benefits your establishment immediately. Our trainers perform the initial training for your current staff and management team, seminar & hands on training in a combination of training techniques. Our trainers can stay on to work one on one with your team to ensure that skills taught are applied, mastered and have maximum impact on your operation.

Catering Training

  • Are your catering and banquet rooms consistently generating "profitable" revenue?
  • Does your Catering Sales team frustrate the Chef with their limited food knowledge and expertise?

Generating significant and profitable revenue in your catering and banquet areas can have a major impact on your profit and loss statement. Insure that your catering sales team has the knowledge to both maximize revenue and "sell smart" to increase profitability. This training, geared to your operation, will give both new and experienced Catering Managers basic food fundamentals, labor and food cost variables, and avenues to pursue that will enhance the guests' experience, capitalize on the Chef's expertise, and increase your profits.

Conflict Management

  • Does your Management team know how to handle conflict?
  • Could your Management team benefit from having the ability to recognize the warning signs for conflict?
  • Does your Management team think that all conflict is bad?
  • Would your property benefit from knowing the difference between good and bad conflict and how to harness the energy from good conflict?

Supervisors must be able to manage in a team environment in order to achieve results. Disagreements and conflicts are part of any dynamic team and are also inevitable. Successful Supervisor's require the knowledge and skills to know how to avoid win/lose situations and effectively manage conflict situations for positive outcomes. This session will provide Supervisors information on what causes conflict and the consequences if not managed properly. It will give them a diagnostic tool to help determine their current conflict management abilities so that in the future they can better match their approach to the situation. The session will also provide guidelines on how to resolve and minimize conflict and how to transform conflict into a better situation for all involved as well as the organization as a whole.

Customer Connections

  • Are your customer counts flat or on the decline?
  • Are your repeat customers disappearing?
  • Are you making your budgeted revenue?
  • Do you feel that your food and beverage outlets are reaching their revenue potential?

Customer Connections is an eye-opening, dynamic seminar that provides your staff with the specific skills to recognize guest's expectations, increase revenue, and generate customer loyalty. Our Customer Connections training seminar will provide your staff with the tools to read their guests and adjust their service and sales approach appropriately to increase check average.

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